Personal Property Auction Seller FAQs

You’ve Got Questions–We’ve Got Answers

What types of personal property can I sell at auction?

We can sell almost anything: On average 98% of practically everything in your home can be sold through an online auction. You name it, we have probably sold it from valuable antiques to farm equipment, specialty collections (paperweights, trains, coins, books, sports memorabilia, etc) to medical equipment, and more.

Why should I sell my personal property at auction?

Auctions create excitement and urgency to buy which leads to yield a higher price for your personal property. We call that competitive bidding. Your personal property will also get extra attention with paid ads on social media - the go-to place online nowadays to search for, buy and sell personal property.

How soon can we have the auction?

After meeting with Gooch Auction Group for the first time, we can generally hold your auction within 30 days. In some cases, we can hold an auction in as short as 2-3 weeks.

What is an auction preview? Who is responsible for auction previews?

An auction preview is a scheduled and advertised day(s) and time(s) where potential buyers/bidders can physically come to the location where the personal property resides and browse all the items in the auction. Having a preview day is not mandatory, but we strongly encourage it. Sometimes it's essential to get your personal property sold. No worries, we take care of the whole thing.

Will people be in and out all the time?

We avoid constant interruptions by holding a scheduled preview/open house at your convenience prior to the end of the auction.

I want to sell my personal property at auction, how do I get started?

Simple. Contact Rony Jo to schedule a free no-obligation consultation. We will visit with you at the location of the personal property and explain the entire process. You can reach us at 859-595-6808.

Should I try to sell my personal property first, if it doesn't sell then sell at auction?

We don't recommend this approach. It is more beneficial to you to get all your personal property sold at the same time by selling at an auction, instead of selling on Marketplace or holding countless yard sales. The more lots we have in an auction, the better. It gives our buyers plenty of choices to bid on, which in turn, opens up the competitive bidding.

Where will the auction of my personal property take place?

We usually hold all personal property auctions online with multiple bidding days until the closing time of the auction. We do not have an auction house, so all the personal property will be tagged, lotted, and pictured at the location of the personal property. All items will stay in their location until the end of the auction and will be picked up by the buyers on pick-up day. We try to make this process as smooth as we can for the sellers. We come to you in the whole auction process.