Auction Marketing

Personal Property


We place large banners and signs on your property for auction preview days and pick-up days as well as informational and directional signs on other local roads as permitted.

Electronic Marketing

Electronic marketing is emailed to a targeted market and generates buyers' interest and creates a lot of buzz around the personal property that is in the sale.

Social Media

A larger target market can be reached with social media. Gooch Auction Group places paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. In addition to the ads, we post weekly on all of our social media accounts until the end of the auction.

Target Marketing

Identifying target markets is an essential step in the development of a good marketing plan to attract serious buyers and lots of internet bidders.

Newspapers and Trade Publications

Eye-catching display advertisements are submitted in local newspapers when appropriate and within our auction timeline to do so.

Digital Marketing

We depend heavily on the internet and implement many resources including our website as well as additional auction-related websites. Auctions continue to be a growing trend where consumers buy everyday and household items.

Full Color Flyers

We create colorful eyecatching flyers for auction previews and open house days. Potential buyers can pick up a flyer while they take a look around at the items they are currently bidding on or interested in buying through the auction.

Auction Previews

Gooch Auction Group would be responsible for any auction preview days and/or open house days. We also run the pick-up day(s) after the auction closes - until the last item is picked up.