As you can see by the activity on the site we have some very good and exciting auctions happening as well as,  on deck and in the hole!  We have 5 that are not even on the site yet, just waiting on some very slight details.  I will give you a few teasers!

1) VERY NICE property downtown Lex – N Limestone.
2) An amazing piece of property that was actually platted for development on Lake Cumberland, you can still do that if you want to 122 lots worth, But it would also be a totally cool game reserve, hunting and sporting facility, or just a 150 (approx) playground for the avid outdoorsman!
3) A Southland “hottie” (that should be posted tomorrow actually)! That’s just to mention a few.  

We also have another very cool feature that will soon be added to goochsells.com – beta testing now in final stages and almost ready to launch!  
It has been a rough few months loosing my mother, Thank you for all the support from my incredible friends!  Gooch is back 110%!  It’s time to “getgooched’!

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